Hoarding cleanup services in Dallas, Texas

At Dallas Hoarding Cleanup, we a offer personal assistance to help with any hoarding in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Hoarding Cleanup will sort through the mess and save the valuable items left behind in the home. If you’re a victim of hoarding or hoarding stuff, we are here to help! We can assist you in living in a cleaner environment.

Help for Hoarders

Most individuals afflicted with this condition are not able to realize that they have such disorder. This is why professional help is highly needed because as hoarding disorder progresses it will not only have negative impacts on a person affected by it. It will also pose serious health and safety risks to other household members and neighbors. If left to worsen, hoarding can even cause death.

Psychological help must be sought to help the person regain his ability to function normally. With professional help, one’s tendency to repeat such deleterious habit of hoarding will be greatly reduced if not eliminated. The following are some links to companies and professionals that provide help for people with hoarding disorders.

Hoarders Anonymous


Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Professional Hoarding Cleaning Specialists

Cleaning a hoard can be very difficult because it can be filled with all sorts of health hazards. The presence of molds, bacteria, flammable objects, broken items, animal and human feces and urine are few of the many reasons why cleaning a hoard all by yourself is too difficult and dangerous.

This is when the help of professional cleaning services must be sought. These hoarding cleanup experts are highly trained people who know how to evaluate the unique situation of each hoarder’s house to be able to bring back order and cleanliness. The likelihood of a valuable item being thrown away is greatly reduced when you hire a professional cleaning service.

These cleaning experts are well versed in terms of federal, local and state regulations regarding the proper disposal of bio hazardous wastes. They also have the right knowledge regarding what type of cleaning products to be used for certain items to protect its value.